The train trip Wednesday morning from Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, to Kharkiv, its second-largest city, was ordinary in every way. There were people heading home and others traveling for business; some nodded off in their seats, while others stared at their phones or at the snow falling outside the window. But beneath the calm was an […]

China has told the United States it wants to see all sides involved in Ukraine remain calm and avoid increasing tension while the United States stressed de-escalation and warned of the security and economic risks from Russian aggression. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about Ukraine on a […]

The US has helped prepare for the diversion of natural gas supplies from around the world to Europe in the event that the flow from Russia is cut, in an effort to blunt Vladimir Putin’s most powerful economic weapon. As fears of an invasion of Ukraine have grown, US officials said on Tuesday that they […]

The acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine told ABC News Tuesday that an order for diplomats’ families at the embassy to leave the country was issued because Russia could attack “any day now” if it chose. Kristina Kvien, the embassy’s charge d’affairs, made the remarks after standing in the bitter cold with a Ukrainian deputy defense […]

US President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Washington could hit Russian President Putin with personal sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The comments came as Russian combat troops massing around Ukraine launched new exercises. A Russian incursion into Ukraine could become the “largest invasion” since World War II, Biden said. “It […]

The U.N. General Assembly said Monday that Iran, Guinea and Vanuatu had paid sufficient back dues to the United Nations’ regular operating budget to regain their voting rights in the 193-member world body. That leaves only two countries — Venezuela and Papua New Guinea — without the right to vote in the General Assembly. The […]

Russia has been warned it will be swiftly hit with an “unprecedented package of sanctions” in the event of a fresh incursion in Ukraine after Boris Johnson joined Joe Biden and world leaders to present a united front to combat a feared invasion. The Prime Minister and the US President met virtually with the leaders […]

President Joe Biden held a video call with European allies on Monday as Western nations warned the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remained high and the United States put thousands of troops on alert to be sent to the region if needed. The call was with the leaders of the European Commission, European […]

On Sunday, Taiwan reported that it warned away 39 Chinese aircraft flying toward the island, in the largest incursion of China’s air force in its defense zone since October. The defense ministry said Taiwanese fighters moved quickly to warn away the aircraft, which included 34 fighters, four electronic warfare aircraft, and one bomber, according to […]

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party lost access to his official WeChat social media account months ago, politicians said on Monday, issuing claims of censorship, while the still-active account being run by a new Chinese controller now promotes Chinese life in Australia. Amid growing diplomatic tensions with China, Australia’s two major political parties have […]

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