Nigeria Affirms Commitment to Press Freedom, States Information Minister

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has emphasized the country’s dedication to upholding the principles of press freedom, which he deems crucial for a vibrant democracy and transparent governance.

During a courtesy visit by the US charge d’affaires to Nigeria, David Greene, at his office in Radio House, Abuja, Idris asserted that Nigeria values freedom of expression and media independence, pledging to safeguard these rights as enshrined in the constitution.

The Minister urged the United States to lend support to initiatives aimed at enhancing media standards, particularly emphasizing the need for robust fact-checking mechanisms to counter the dissemination of false and harmful information.

“While advocating for press freedom, we also call on the United States government to endorse endeavors to implement best practices in the media landscape, particularly through fact-checking mechanisms to diminish the prevalence of misinformation, fake news, and malinformation,” stated the Minister in an official statement.

Idris further reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to democratic values and sought increased support from the US, a key ally, for the Tinubu government’s economic overhaul plan, known as the Renewed Hope Agenda. This comprehensive agenda aims to bolster food security, alleviate poverty, stimulate economic growth, generate employment, improve access to capital, promote social inclusion, uphold the rule of law, and combat corruption.

Highlighting President Tinubu’s extensive engagements in various economic events and meetings with global business leaders, the Minister mentioned that Tinubu is currently in Berlin for a G20 conference, seeking strategic partnerships to revitalize the Nigerian economy.

In response, Mr. Greene affirmed America’s support for Nigeria’s democracy and media development, citing ongoing training programs for journalists. He also emphasized Nigeria’s significance as a crucial ally for regional security and economic prosperity.

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