In a press conference in Doha, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Dr. Majed al-Ansari, disclosed details of the mediated agreement by Qatar. According to Ansari, hostages from the same families will be grouped together, and over a four-day period, Hamas is expected to release 50 Israelis. In exchange, up to 150 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons will be freed.

The synchronization of the exchange of captives has been worked out by Egyptian, Israeli, and Hamas officials to ensure a safe environment for the release of hostages. The routes the captives will take out of Gaza cannot be disclosed for security reasons.

The release process will involve collaboration with the Red Cross, and the criteria for releasing non-Israelis held by Hamas are humanitarian, with a focus on prioritizing women and children. Humanitarian aid is an integral part of the deal, and efforts are expected to deliver aid as soon as possible through the Rafah crossing.

Regarding the number of Palestinian prisoners to be released on Friday, Ansari couldn’t disclose specific information but mentioned that the deal is reciprocal, and releases on the Israeli side are expected around 4 pm. Lists with names are processed day by day, and the first list of Israelis, including 13 women and children, will be released at approximately 4 pm on Friday within specific windows of time to ensure safety.

The agreement aims for a full cessation of hostilities within the four days, and any resumption would be considered a breach. Lines of communication will remain open to quickly address any possible breaches and ensure the agreement holds, with the goal of paving the way for more pauses and ultimately reaching a lasting permanent ceasefire.

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