Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has extended his congratulations to Ms. Tariye Gbadegesin on her recent appointment as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Climate Investment Funds. Tariye Gbadegesin, a Nigerian-U.S. national, has achieved the historic feat of being the first African to assume this role within the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), with her commencement scheduled for March 2024.

Established in 2008, CIF’s primary objective is to secure concessional finance for large-scale low-carbon, climate-resilient development, having successfully garnered over $64 billion in additional financing thus far.

President Tinubu conveyed his sentiments through his X handle (formerly known as Twitter), emphasizing that Tariye’s appointment is not only a personal triumph but also a moment of pride for Nigeria. The President expressed the nation’s wholehearted support for Gbadegesin, commending her extensive expertise in climate finance and sustainable infrastructure.

In a message shared on his social media platform, President Tinubu stated, “As the world converges for #COP28, I am immensely proud to congratulate Tariye Gbadegesin on her landmark appointment as CEO of the Climate Investment Funds.”

He continued, “Tariye’s appointment is not just a personal achievement but also a proud moment for Nigeria. Her wealth of experience in climate finance and sustainable infrastructure places her at the forefront of the global fight against climate change.”

Affirming Nigeria’s solidarity with Tariye, the President assured her of unwavering support in this significant role. He expressed confidence that her contributions will make a lasting impact on the global initiatives combating climate change, steering the world towards a greener and more sustainable future. The President’s congratulatory message concluded with a resounding, “Congratulations, Tariye!”

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