Nigeria Upholds Delegation Size for COP28 Summit in Dubai

The Nigerian government has responded to public discussions regarding the size of its delegation at the ongoing climate summit, COP 28, in Dubai. The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, released a statement on Monday, emphasizing that Nigeria’s delegation aligns with its prominent role as a leading voice and actor in climate action in Africa.

Idris clarified that the delegation from Nigeria encompasses government officials, private sector representatives, civil society members, individuals from the voluntary sector, state governments, media, multilateral institutions, and representatives of marginalized communities, among others. The federal government-funded delegation comprises a total of 422 individuals, constituting less than 1% of the summit’s total attendees.

The Minister highlighted that the delegation includes experts and stakeholders from various sectors and regions, contributing to negotiations on critical issues related to climate change. He emphasized that this diverse group is tasked with showcasing Nigeria’s achievements and initiatives in addressing climate change, such as the implementation of the National Climate Change Policy and Response Strategy, National Determined Contributions, Green Bond Programme, Great Green Wall Programme, National Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, and National Adaptation Plan.

Additionally, Idris mentioned that the delegation aims to establish partnerships and collaborations with other nations and organizations to support Nigeria’s climate action and development goals. It also seeks to learn from global best practices and experiences.

The Minister reported that Nigeria has already benefited from its participation in the summit, citing agreements signed, including an accelerated performance agreement with Germany to enhance Nigeria’s electricity supply through the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI). President Tinubu also hosted a high-level meeting on the Nigeria Carbon Market and the Electric Buses Rollout Programme, unveiling plans to deploy 10,000 electric buses across the country by 2025.

Idris urged the public to support the government’s efforts in addressing the climate challenge, emphasizing the advantages and opportunities the summit brings to Nigeria and its citizens. The COP 28, attended by over 70,000 participants and delegates from 100 countries, aims to expedite the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the global response to the climate crisis, taking place from November 30th to December 12th.

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