Military Chief Applauds Skating Federation, Urges Increased Involvement of Youths

General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), has praised the inaugural Abuja National Skating Competition and called for increased youth involvement in the sport. The CDS noted that the event showcased thrilling skating skills and a display of talents.

The competition, organized to promote peace and unity among Nigerian children and youths while boosting the sport’s popularity, featured three categories: Half Marathon Race, Slalom display, and Aggressive Ramp Jump.

General Musa emphasized that such competitions play a role in discouraging crimes in society. He hailed the Skating Federation’s significant progress and acknowledged Major General Maikano Abdullahi, the Skating President, for his visionary approach benefiting children and youths.

Expressing gratitude to all contributors to the event’s success, General Musa described it as a giant leap and a milestone for the Skating Federation. The competition, held at the MKO Abiola Stadium with a 42.5 Skating Marathon Race, promises to send the winner to represent Nigeria at the World Championship in Greece next year.

Major General Maikano disclosed before the event that the championship aimed to elevate the Nigerian flag in the global skating arena and popularize the sport among the country’s youths and children. With over 2000 participants from about 20 states, the competition successfully engaged a diverse group of young athletes.

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