Rt. Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has appealed to the United States Government for assistance in addressing the challenges of insecurity and corruption in Nigeria. Emphasizing the potential global repercussions of Nigeria’s failure, the Speaker issued this warning during a meeting in Abuja on Tuesday with a delegation from the US Embassy in Nigeria, led by Chargé d’Affaires Mr. David Greene.

Speaker Abbas underscored the longstanding economic partnership between the United States and Nigeria, labeling the U.S. as the country’s strongest economic ally. He highlighted the strategic nature of the relationship between Nigeria and America, pointing out that Nigeria is among the few African countries that have adopted the American model of democracy.

During the meeting, the Speaker disclosed, “It may interest you to know that in furtherance of our resolve to deepen democracy within the 10th National Assembly, we saw it expedient at the beginning of our inauguration to come up with parliamentary friendship groups, of which America happens to be the number one country that we identified that our legislators need to partner and collaborate with so that we can share ideas and learn from each other.”

Speaker Abbas highlighted that the aim is to strengthen the values of both countries and draw from each other’s experiences, particularly from a parliamentary perspective.

“We look forward to further collaboration with your country and express profound gratitude for the continuous support provided to Nigeria through your development partners and agencies. Nigeria is currently facing significant challenges, particularly in terms of insecurity. We appeal for your continued inward look to support us in our various battles against corruption, banditry, Boko Haram, and other threats. While we appreciate your past efforts, we believe there is room for further assistance.

“Nigeria, being the most populous country in Africa, holds the key to a better perspective and future for the continent. Success in Nigeria would reverberate globally, contributing to a better world. Conversely, if we fail, the consequences will extend worldwide,” Hon Abbas emphasized.

Earlier, the Chargé d’Affaires conveyed condolences to the Speaker regarding the recent accidental bombing in Kaduna State, stating, “We’re very sad to see what happened.”

Greene explained that the meeting was requested because the U.S. and Nigeria share common values as great Federal Republics that believe in the democratic process and representative government. He underscored the importance of discussing mutual concerns and finding ways to cooperate and work together to deepen the ties between the United States and Nigeria.

Quest: Cris-Edesiri Odjomah

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