Hungary Vetoes €54 Billion EU Financial Aid to Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has opposed the allocation of 50 billion euros ($54 billion) in European Union aid to Ukraine, just hours after the group agreed to initiate formal membership talks with Kyiv.

During the Brussels meeting, leaders announced their intention to reconsider the matter next month, following Orban’s refusal to support additional funding for Ukraine’s government in its efforts to remove Russian forces from its territory.

Orban, a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin within the EU, conveyed his decision on social media, stating, “Summary of the nightshift: veto for the extra money to Ukraine.”

While other EU leaders have agreed to revisit the debate in January, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed confidence in reaching a deal early next year, possibly in late January. He emphasized that Ukraine’s financial situation is not immediately dire.

Another summit is anticipated to be convened for reaching a resolution. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo emphasized the importance of providing financial support to Ukraine, stating, “It is just as important that Ukraine has the means to continue the war and rebuild its country.”

Despite Orban’s long-standing promise to block both the membership talks and funding, the decision comes as a setback for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who recently failed to secure approval for an additional $61 billion in aid from U.S. Republican lawmakers.

Many EU leaders had hoped this summit would demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine amid concerns, amplified by Moscow, that support for Kyiv among allies was diminishing.

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