Kano Governor Acknowledges Tinubu’s Defense of Democracy Following Supreme Court Verdict

Abba Kabir Yusuf, the Governor of Kano, has expressed his appreciation to President Bola Tinubu for his adept defense of Nigeria’s democracy in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the state’s gubernatorial election. Governor Yusuf commended President Tinubu for withstanding substantial public pressure and upholding the people’s mandate amid an overwhelming crowd that welcomed him in Kano.

As the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) candidate and incumbent governor, Yusuf emphasized that the judiciary’s reputation received a boost with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn his dismissal by the tribunal and Court of Appeal. He asserted that certain individuals sought to hijack the hard-earned mandate of the Kano people.

Governor Yusuf praised the Justices of the Supreme Court (JSCs) for their commitment to justice in their ruling, preventing the state from encountering “unforeseen circumstances.” He expressed gratitude, stating, “We thank the justices for the judgment because if not for the fair judgment they delivered, we would not have known what would have happened. The verdict has redeemed their image.”

Yusuf revealed that certain individuals were determined to seize or steal their mandate, believing that the President, Vice President, and others were affiliated with the APC. However, he highlighted that the President resisted interference, preserving democracy in Kano.

The governor acknowledged the overwhelming support from the people of Kano and assured them of his commitment to delivering on the promises of democracy, particularly in the areas of education, health, and empowerment.

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