Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has conveyed to the United States his opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian State following the resolution of the Gaza conflict. In a press conference, Netanyahu asserted his commitment to continue the offensive in Gaza until achieving “complete victory,” involving the destruction of Hamas and the return of remaining Israeli hostages, a process he estimated could take “many more months.”

With nearly 25,000 Palestinians reported killed in Gaza and 85% of the strip’s population displaced, international pressure is mounting on Israel to halt its offensive and engage in meaningful talks for a sustainable end to the war. Various parties, including Israel’s allies and some adversaries, have advocated for a revival of the dormant “two-state solution,” envisioning a future Palestinian State alongside Israel.

However, Netanyahu’s comments during the news conference reveal a starkly different stance. He emphasized Israel’s need for security control over all land west of the River Jordan, encompassing the territory of any potential future Palestinian state. Netanyahu rejected the idea of Palestinian sovereignty and disclosed that he had informed the United States about this condition, halting attempts to impose a reality that he believed would jeopardize Israel’s security.

Netanyahu’s public defiance of Washington’s diplomatic efforts and his determination to pursue the current military course underscore a widening gap with Israel’s western allies. Despite the U.S. support for Israel’s right to self-defense since the October 7 attacks, Western governments, alarmed by the escalating death toll and distressing scenes in Gaza, have called for Israeli restraint. The White House has repeatedly sought to influence Israel’s military policy, advocating for precision-guided weapons, discouraging a ground offensive, and endorsing a two-state solution with a role for the Palestinian Authority in post-conflict Gaza.

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