Vice President Kashim Shettima asserts that the ongoing resurgence in sectors such as agriculture and the digital economy is indicative of Nigeria’s forthcoming global prominence in the next decade. Shettima, representing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, emphasized the strategic harnessing of Nigeria’s natural resources to revamp the economy for enhanced developmental efforts.

Leading Nigeria’s delegation at the global economic forum, Vice President Shettima expressed optimism about the direction set by President Tinubu, foreseeing tangible results in the near future. He highlighted the digital economy, agriculture, and solid minerals sectors as dynamic contributors, projecting a transformative shift in Nigeria’s economic narrative over the next two decades.

Anticipating a diversified economy with substantial income from the digital realm, digital commerce, agriculture, and value addition in natural resources, Shettima underscored the diminishing role of oil in the GDP. Emphasizing a departure from raw material exports, he envisaged a repositioned Nigerian economy, particularly with the advent of the African Free Trade Area.

Revealing Nigeria’s pursuit of “Vision 20:30,” aimed at placing the country on the global stage by showcasing its abundant talents, Shettima highlighted Nigeria’s significant presence in global arts, culture, fashion, and entertainment. The Vice President emphasized the goal of promoting the “Nigeria’s Destination 2030” vision, showcasing the country’s brand on the international stage.

Addressing the issue of a reduced delegation at Davos, Shettima aligned with President Tinubu’s decision, emphasizing the importance of perception over quantity. He acknowledged that a smaller delegation is aligned with public sentiment and expressed confidence that, over time, it would positively impact the Nigerian economy.

The 2024 World Economic Forum witnessed Nigeria’s modest participation, focused on attracting investors and spotlighting its brand. The country showcased its talents at a special event called Nigeria Night, receiving appreciation from the global audience for its musical and cinematic contributions.

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