Media practitioners in Nigeria, represented by the Arewa Broadcasters Forum, are appealing to fellow Nigerians to extend their full support to the government led by President Bola Tinubu. Abdullahi Yelwa, the Chairman of the Arewa Broadcast Media Practitioners Forum, emphasized this message during an interview with State House Correspondents following a courtesy visit to Vice President Kashim Shettima.

Yelwa not only encouraged collaboration between the media and the government but also provided reassurance to aspiring journalists, urging them not to lose hope in their chosen profession. He highlighted the importance of working in tandem with the government to ensure its objectives are achieved, calling on citizens to actively contribute to the nation’s development.

In addition, Yelwa expressed the forum’s commitment to mobilizing Nigerians to understand and address the challenges faced by the government. He stressed the collaborative role of both the government and the citizens in overcoming these challenges, emphasizing the need for collective effort.

Seizing the moment, Yelwa also advocated for young Nigerians to consider journalism as a promising career path, citing the evolving nature of the profession. He emphasized that, despite the current difficulties, journalism continues to offer diverse opportunities, with the possibility for journalists to operate from various locations, including their own homes.

Professor Ladi Adamu, a member of the forum and an expert in broadcasting, echoed the call for students to embrace journalism as a career. She highlighted the significance of broadcasting within the broader field of Mass Communication, encouraging students to overcome challenges by balancing theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Adamu emphasized the intriguing aspects of broadcasting, making a compelling case for its exploration as a rewarding and engaging area of study.

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