A massive gas explosion occurred in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, claiming the lives of at least two individuals and causing injuries to at least 222 others. The incident took place in the Embakasi district around 23:30 (20:30 GMT) when a gas-carrying lorry exploded, creating a significant fireball, as confirmed by a government spokesperson.

The explosion resulted in extensive damage to residential areas, businesses, and vehicles, with video footage depicting a formidable blaze near residential complexes. Initially thought to have occurred at a gas plant, the exact cause is still under investigation.

The government spokesperson, Mr. Mwaura, reported that the fireball had spread widely, causing a gas cylinder to hit a garments and textiles warehouse, leading to its destruction. The fire also reportedly spread through multiple apartment complexes.

Witnesses recounted feeling tremors immediately after the blast, with many of the injured sustaining inhalation injuries, including at least 25 children. A survivor, Boniface Sifuna, described narrowly escaping an exploding gas canister during the chaos.

Eyewitnesses shared harrowing accounts of the incident, describing huge explosions, fireballs, and people running in fear. Housing, businesses, and cars suffered extensive damage, as shown in videos capturing the raging blaze near residential buildings.

Residents in the affected area evacuated their homes, and the Kenya Red Cross reported that crews were diligently working to control the flames. The government has established a command center to coordinate rescue operations, securing the blast scene.

Isaac Mwaura, the government spokesman, urged the public to stay away from the cordoned area to facilitate rescue efforts with minimal disruptions. The situation continues to be closely monitored as investigations into the cause of the tragic gas explosion are ongoing.

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