The Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, expressed admiration for the cutting-edge armoured defence products and equipment produced by Proforce Factory in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. He lauded the company’s role in enabling the Nigerian government to fulfill its defence equipment requirements through domestic sources, eliminating the need to look elsewhere.

Impressed by the essential items used by the Nigeria Armed Forces produced in the factory, the Minister emphasized the significance of Proforce’s contributions. Regarding the partnership with the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Badaru explained that the purpose of the tour was to foster a strategic collaboration with DICON to enhance the efficiency of the Nigerian Military in addressing security challenges.

Acknowledging the recently signed DICON Bill, Badaru commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for creating a conducive environment for defence corporations. He highlighted the bill’s emphasis on prioritizing Made in Nigeria equipment over imports.

The Minister directed the Director-General of DICON, Major General Effiong Edet, to collaborate with Proforce and explore ways to strengthen the defence industry. He reassured the government’s commitment to supporting defence industries to achieve President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s objective of promoting Made in Nigeria equipment.

The Group Managing Director/CEO of Proforce, Mr. Ade Ogundeyin, discussed groundbreaking collaborations with international companies, including partnerships with the Israeli Aerospace Industry for satellite production and collaboration with Russia for aircraft manufacturing in Nigeria. He also noted the establishment of a significant partnership with Kalashnikov of Russia for the production of 100,000 weapons in the coming year.

Ogundeyin highlighted Proforce’s diversification into the production of homemade drones within Nigeria, showcasing the country’s growing self-sufficiency in defence capabilities. He commended the Minister for touring Proforce’s facilities, considering it a significant milestone in advancing Nigeria’s Defence industry and demonstrating Proforce’s dedication to innovation and self-reliance in meeting the nation’s security needs.

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