Reps Urges Completion of Amassoma Community Shoreline Protection Project in Bayelsa State

The House of Representatives has passed a motion calling for the prioritization of the Amassoma Community Shoreline Protection Project in Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency of Bayelsa State. Sponsored by Ambaiowei Rodney Ebikebina, the motion emphasizes the urgent need for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to re-mobilize contractors and ensure competent supervision of the project.

In response to recurrent flooding in the region, particularly between August and November, the House noted the devastating impact on communities along the Niger and Benue rivers, including Amassoma. Despite previous contracts awarded for shoreline protection, no significant progress has been made, prompting the House to demand accountability from contractors and the NDDC.

The House further mandated the NDDC to assess the extent of work done on the project and tasked the Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission to investigate mismanagement and abandonment of critical intervention projects. The resolution aims to address the humanitarian crisis caused by flooding and ensure the completion of the shoreline protection project before the next rainy season in September 2024.

Quest: Cris-Edesiri Odjomah

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