Senate Urges Government Caution on Electricity Subsidy Removal Amid Nationwide Hardships

The Nigerian Senate has issued a plea to the Federal Government, urging careful consideration before removing the electricity subsidy, citing widespread hardships faced by citizens.

The call follows a motion endorsed during Wednesday’s plenary session, initiated by Senator Aminu Iya Abbas (PDP) of Adamawa Central. The motion emphasizes the subsidy’s importance in alleviating burdens on the populace.

Recent announcements by Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, regarding challenges in sustaining the subsidy, prompted Senate’s call for prudence. Additionally, the Senate resolved to investigate failed agreements on prepaid meter production, the substantial subsidy costs, and debts owed to electricity and gas companies.
Committees were mandated to probe billing systems, electricity distribution companies’ operations, and mass prepaid metering fund utilization to seek lasting solutions to energy sector challenges.

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