Sudan’s General Al-Burhan Welcomes Libya’s Presidential Council Chief, Mohamed al-Menfi, to Bolster Bilateral Ties Amid Calls for Truce

Sudan’s army chief, General Al-Burhan, recently played host to the head of Libya’s presidential council, Mohamed al-Menfi, signaling a concerted effort to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two nations. Al-Menfi, who heads a key institution of the UN-backed government in western Libya, engaged in discussions aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation, particularly in economic, political, and military spheres.

The official visit, ostensibly focused on fostering stronger ties, saw Al-Menfi lauding the Jeddah deal, which briefly halted hostilities at the onset of Sudan’s internal conflict. Expressing support for Sudan’s quest for stability, Al-Menfi emphasized the importance of international efforts, such as the Jeddah meeting, in facilitating dialogue and conflict resolution.

Amid mounting concerns over the humanitarian toll of the conflict, calls for a ceasefire during the upcoming Muslim month of Ramadan have surfaced. With over 12,000 casualties and 8 million displaced individuals within just 10 months of warfare, urgent diplomatic initiatives are imperative to mitigate further suffering and restore peace to the region.

In a bid to address shared challenges and capitalize on mutual interests, General Burhan highlighted the potential for deeper collaboration across various sectors. Acknowledging Libya’s historically supportive stance towards Sudan, Burhan underscored the need for concerted efforts to alleviate the plight of their respective populations and foster sustainable stability.

Moreover, discussions touched upon the need to reinforce border control and monitor joint borders, building upon previous agreements reached in 2018 among Sudan, Libya, Chad, and Niger. Despite the conflict dynamics, there remains a palpable desire among leadership to forge meaningful partnerships and chart a path towards peace and prosperity for both nations.

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