Benin Commits 2,000 Troops to Multinational Peacekeeping Effort in Haiti Amid International Support

The Republic of Benin has pledged a significant contribution to peacekeeping efforts in Haiti, announcing plans to deploy 2,000 troops to assist local law enforcement in combating armed gangs. This commitment underscores Benin’s dedication to promoting stability and security in the Caribbean nation, aligning with broader international efforts to restore peace and democracy in Haiti.

The announcement was made by Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, during a press conference in Guyana. It coincides with the United States’ commitment of US$200 million in support, demonstrating a concerted global initiative to address the challenges facing Haiti without resorting to direct military intervention.

The mission was authorized by the United Nations in October, following a request from Haiti’s unelected government. Since then, support for the security force, which relies on voluntary contributions, has primarily originated from developing nations in Africa and the Caribbean.

Kenya, as the first African nation to respond to the request, pledged to lead the mission by offering 1,000 police officers. However, a local court later deemed the move unconstitutional, prompting President William Ruto to affirm his determination to proceed with the plan.

Notably, some Caribbean countries advocating for additional support have called for greater involvement from Francophone nations. Benin’s commitment, alongside other contributions, reflects a collective effort to address Haiti’s security challenges and foster long-term stability in the region.

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