Senator Adamu Aliero Pushes for 50% Reduction in Governance Costs

Senator Adamu Aliero, former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Land Transport, has called for a significant reduction in the cost of governance, advocating for a 50% slash. Speaking after a meeting with President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Aliero stressed the urgency of implementing the long-delayed Oronsaye report on public sector restructuring to address Nigeria’s exorbitant governance expenses.

Aliero highlighted that the current cost of running the government is unsustainable, with over 70% of the national budget allocated to administrative expenses, leaving minimal resources for critical capital projects. He emphasized the need to reallocate funds, suggesting that half of the budgeted amount should be allocated to capital development.

Supporting the implementation of the Oronsaye report, Aliero asserted that it is a well-intentioned initiative that should have been executed long ago. He assured that the National Assembly stands behind this move, emphasizing the necessity of bipartisan support for Nigeria’s development.

Aliero underscored the importance of responsible opposition in holding the government accountable, clarifying that cooperation does not equate to compromising party principles. He expressed optimism about Nigeria’s future, particularly regarding security challenges and inflation, following discussions with President Tinubu.

Senator Aliero’s advocacy signals a crucial push towards fiscal responsibility and efficient governance, reflecting a commitment to address Nigeria’s economic challenges and promote sustainable development.

Quest: Cris-Edesiri Odjomah

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