Senegal Sets New Date for Presidential Election Amid Tensions

Amid escalating tensions and widespread protests, Senegal’s government has announced that the country’s presidential election will now be held on 24 March, following its postponement last month by President Macky Sall. Despite assurances that he would not seek a third term, President Sall’s decision to delay the election sparked accusations of a constitutional coup from his opponents.

Senegal, known for its stability and democratic governance, has never experienced a military coup, setting it apart from many other African nations. The announcement of the new election date came after the Constitutional Council mandated that the election must occur before President Sall’s tenure ends on 2 April.

In a move to streamline the electoral process, President Sall dissolved the government and appointed Interior Minister Sidiki Kaba as the new Prime Minister, replacing Amadou Ba. This decision aimed to allow Mr. Ba, the ruling coalition’s presidential candidate, to focus exclusively on his electoral campaign.

President Sall, who has already served two terms, initially pledged not to exceed his tenure when first elected in 2012. However, his recent actions have stirred controversy and heightened tensions in the lead-up to the presidential election.

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