Nigeria Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Clinches Bronze Medal at 13th African Games in Ghana

Nigeria’s women’s beach volleyball team secured a bronze medal at the ongoing 13th African Games in Ghana, triumphing over Rwanda with a decisive 2-0 victory (22-20, 21-12) in the third-place match held at the Labome Beach Resort.

Esther Mbah and Pamela Bawa, the youthful duo representing Nigeria, captured the hearts of fans with their stellar performance, dominating the Rwandan opponents from the onset. Despite facing formidable competitors, Mbah and Bawa demonstrated exceptional skill and determination throughout the match.

Expressing her elation, Esther Mbah described the bronze medal win as a fulfillment of a dream. She expressed gratitude to Engineer Musa Nimrod, President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation, for his unwavering support and belief in their capabilities.

Mbah emphasized the significance of the victory, underscoring the team’s resilience and dedication to executing their coach’s strategies effectively. She encouraged other women to pursue sports seriously, highlighting the transformative impact volleyball has had on her life, enabling her to travel internationally and realize her aspirations.

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