Team Nigeria Continues Stellar Performance at 13th African Games, Secures Multiple Medals

Building on their strong start, Team Nigeria showcases remarkable prowess across various events at the 13th African Games in Ghana, adding several medals to their tally in another captivating day of competition.

Their outstanding performances position Team Nigeria as formidable contenders, poised to clinch top spots on the medals leaderboard.

In Women’s Arm Wrestling, Elizabeth Mausi Zannu of Team Nigeria creates history by clinching the first-ever medal in the event, securing Gold in the women’s 55kg category after defeating Ghana’s Racheal Lankai.

Mary Osijo maintains Nigeria’s dominance in Women’s Weightlifting, securing three medals in the 87kg category: Silver in Total and Snatch, and Gold in Clean & Jerk, with impressive lifts totaling 231kg.

Samuel Ifeanyi Nmeka adds to Nigeria’s medal haul in Men’s Arm Wrestling, securing two Bronze medals in the Left and Right hand men’s 85kg categories, contributing to Nigeria’s total of 13 medals in Arm Wrestling.

Additionally, Team Nigeria excels in Arm Wrestling, capturing three Gold medals. Sarah Matthew clinches two Gold medals in the Left & Right Arm-wrestling 70kg class, while Olubisi Oyewusi secures Gold in the women’s 80kg Right Arm-wrestling category.

In Women’s Beach Volleyball, Nigeria claims the Bronze medal by defeating Rwanda in the 3rd place match, with players Esther Mbah and Pamela Bawa sealing victory with a 2-0 win.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian men’s Handball team continues their winning streak, securing a second consecutive victory by defeating Mali with a score of 30-18, further solidifying their position in the ongoing African Games.

Team Nigeria’s remarkable achievements across various sports underscore their determination and excellence on the international stage, garnering admiration and support from fans worldwide.

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