Freed Senegalese Opposition Leader Vows Support for Presidential Campaign

Top opposition figure Ousmane Sonko pledges his commitment to aiding his team in winning Senegal’s upcoming presidential election on March 24, despite being barred from the ballot. Sonko’s release from prison late Thursday sparked celebrations in Dakar, injecting renewed enthusiasm into the election process. His ally, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, also released, has been named the opposition’s presidential candidate.

President Macky Sall’s decree to exonerate political prisoners, including those arrested during last year’s protests, preceded Sonko’s release. Addressing the media, Sonko reiterated his campaign’s core principles, emphasizing the fight against corruption and safeguarding Senegal’s economy from foreign influences.

The protests have stirred uncertainties about Senegal’s stability, historically known for its democratic processes and absence of coups since independence. Sonko’s release prompted jubilant scenes in Dakar, underscoring the nation’s deeply entrenched democratic values.

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