Nigeria Introduces Mining Marshals for Enhanced Security at Mining Sites

The Nigerian government has announced the launch of a new security initiative known as Mining Marshals, aimed at safeguarding mining sites across the country. Dr. Oladele Alake, the Minister of Solid Mineral Development, made the revelation during a ceremony organized by the Ministry in Abuja.

The objective behind the introduction of Mining Marshals is to create a secure environment for mining operations while cracking down on illegal mining activities. Alake emphasized that this initiative is part of the Ministry’s Seven Points Agenda to bolster security in the mineral sector and increase revenue generation to more than fifty percent of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Insecurity has long been a significant challenge hampering the mineral sector’s potential for economic development, according to the Minister. He stressed the importance of addressing this issue promptly to fully tap into the sector’s economic benefits.

Dr. Ahmed Abubakar, representing the Minister of Interior, Mr. Olubunmi Ojo, highlighted the readiness of the Mining Marshals to fulfill their duties in securing mining fields and combating illegal mining operations. He underscored the importance of protecting critical national assets, such as mining sites, which are often targeted by illegal operators.

Furthermore, Mr. Jonathan Gbefwi, Chairman of the House Committee on Mining, applauded the establishment of the Mining Marshals, citing security challenges as a significant hindrance to revenue generation. He proposed the establishment of the Mine Inspectorate and Environmental Agency (MIEA) to bolster the workforce in protecting mineral sites from illegal activities.

The Mining Marshals, comprised of personnel from the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), will collaborate with Federal Mining Officers at the state and local government levels to combat illegal mining activities effectively.

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