Congress Accuses Indian PM Modi of Sabotaging Election Campaign through Frozen Accounts

India’s principal opposition party, Congress, has leveled accusations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging deliberate sabotage of its electoral prospects ahead of the upcoming general election by freezing its accounts in an income tax case.

Congress asserts that a portion of its bank accounts was frozen last month in connection with a tax case dating back to 2018-19, and despite the party’s appeal, a tax tribunal recently dismissed efforts to halt the recovery of 1.35 billion rupees ($16.32 million) in income tax.

According to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, all party accounts have been frozen, severely constraining their ability to access funds for campaigning. Gandhi condemned the move, claiming it was orchestrated to incapacitate Congress in the upcoming elections, depriving it of necessary resources for campaign activities.

However, the Income Tax department, in response, declined to disclose specifics about taxpayers and cited support from a tax tribunal and court order.

With general elections slated to commence in seven phases starting next month, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is widely favored to secure victory, according to most opinion polls. The Congress, heading an alliance of opposition parties, is viewed as the primary challenger to Modi’s dominance.

Congress leaders lamented the impact of frozen accounts on campaign efforts, highlighting the inability to conduct essential activities such as travel and ticket purchases.

In defense, the BJP refuted Congress’s allegations, alleging tax evasion on the part of the opposition party, which necessitated legal action.

Congress contends that the frozen accounts hold funds accumulated through crowd-funding and membership drives, critical for sustaining campaign operations.

The party, which has governed India for a significant portion of its post-independence history, has witnessed a decline in parliamentary representation since Modi assumed power in 2014, struggling to regain popular support.

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