Nigeria’s Education Minister Seeks Swedish Collaboration for Technological Advancement in Education

Education Minister Professor Tahir Maman of Nigeria initiates talks with the Swedish Government to harness technology for educational enhancement, particularly focusing on early childhood education.

During a courtesy visit by Swedish Ambassador Annika Hahn Englund to the minister’s office in Abuja, Nigeria, Professor Maman highlights the potential collaboration, expressing interest in leveraging Swedish expertise from ICT-based companies in Nigeria. He emphasizes the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum from primary school to equip children with modern knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Commending Sweden’s “Education First” program in Nigeria, which emphasizes indigenous language usage in learning and provides scholarships to Nigerian students, Professor Maman proposes the development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalize cooperation between both countries.

Ambassador Hahn Englund underscores Sweden’s readiness to collaborate, highlighting digital platforms available for education, film, and tourism. She cites Sweden’s “Education First” digital platform, supporting learning across all education levels, as a potential model for Nigeria.

Permanent Secretary Mrs. Didi Waltson-Jack expresses optimism about the discussions’ outcomes and anticipates further engagement and cooperation between the two nations.

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