First Lady Senator Oluremi Tinubu Calls for Heightened Commitment to Tuberculosis Eradication

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Nigeria’s First Lady, has passionately advocated for a renewed dedication, particularly at the state level, in the battle against tuberculosis (TB). Speaking during her investiture as the Global and National Stop TB Champion at the State House in Abuja, Mrs. Tinubu commended the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for its efforts in raising awareness, resulting in significant improvements in case detection and treatment.

Acknowledging the collective efforts of stakeholders at national, regional, and global levels, Mrs. Tinubu highlighted President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s unwavering commitment to combatting TB and achieving the objectives outlined in the Political Declaration adopted at the United Nations High-Level Meeting in September 2023.

In her address, Mrs. Tinubu urged the Wives of State Governors, also decorated as TB Champions for their respective states, to intensify awareness efforts to ensure the eradication of the treatable disease.

She emphasized that their designation as TB Champions carries the responsibility to effect positive change, urging them to leverage their influential positions to eliminate stigma associated with TB and facilitate access to treatment and support for patients.

Demonstrating her personal commitment to the cause, Mrs. Tinubu, through her pet project, the Renewed Hope Initiative, announced a generous donation of one billion naira towards the fight against TB. She dedicated her investiture to Daniel, one of her staff who succumbed to the disease, emphasizing the need to end silence, stigma, and discrimination associated with TB.

Professor Mohammed Pate, Nigeria’s Minister of Health and Social Welfare, underscored the collective effort required to combat TB, applauding the political will demonstrated by President Bola Tinubu’s administration. He emphasized the need for sustained momentum in the fight against TB.

Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of Global Stop TB Partnership, Geneva, urged Nigeria to mobilize domestic resources to address the TB epidemic, stressing the critical role of Nigeria in setting an example for Africa and the world. She lauded the leadership of the First Lady in championing health-related issues and commended the Health Ministry’s leadership for its dedication to the cause.

The investiture ceremony underscored a collective resolve to combat TB and marked a significant step forward in Nigeria’s efforts towards a TB-free future.

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