Nasarawa State House of Assembly Speaker Distributes Food and Cash to Kokona LGA Residents to Enhance Standard of Living

Rt. Hon. Danladi Jatau, the Speaker of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, demonstrates his commitment to improving the lives of constituents in Kokona Local Government Area by distributing essential provisions and financial aid. With a generous allocation of 350 bags of rice, 350 bags of millet, and N2 million in cash, Speaker Jatau aims to uplift the community’s standard of living. The distribution, conducted at his residence in Garaku, signifies a proactive step towards addressing the welfare needs of the people.

In his address, Speaker Jatau emphasized the significance of the gesture in positively impacting the lives of Kokona LGA residents. Allocating resources equitably across constituencies, he ensures that both Kokona West and Kokona East benefit from the aid, fostering unity and collaboration. Moreover, he extends support to various political parties, security agencies, and societal groups, emphasizing inclusivity and solidarity in governance.

Beyond immediate relief, Speaker Jatau pledges sustained efforts towards job creation, empowerment initiatives, and the delivery of democratic dividends to constituents. Underscoring his commitment, he reassures continued support for the developmental agenda of Governor Abdullahi Sule, advocating for unity, peace, and collective progress in Nasarawa State.

Amidst expressions of gratitude from beneficiaries and community leaders, the distribution reflects a tangible manifestation of public service and leadership dedication. As residents receive the assistance with appreciation and prayers, Speaker Jatau’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of Kokona LGA residents remains resolute, promising a brighter future for all.

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