Morocco Inaugurates Ivory Coast’s Largest Mosque Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Morocco celebrates the completion of Ivory Coast’s largest mosque, marking a significant milestone in the long-standing relationship between the two nations. After seven years of construction in Abidjan, the mosque stands as a testament to Morocco’s generosity, faith, and profound affection for Ivory Coast and its people.

With Muslims comprising approximately 40 percent of the Ivorian population, the mosque holds immense cultural and religious significance. Attendees, including Mabri Toikeuss, express gratitude for the initiative, recognizing it as a symbol of His Majesty the King of Morocco’s commitment to fostering unity and solidarity.

The close ties between Morocco and Ivory Coast, spanning decades, are underscored by King Mohammed VI’s frequent visits to West Africa, with a particular emphasis on strengthening relations with Ivory Coast. The recent public congratulations extended by King Mohammed VI to Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara following Ivory Coast’s victory in the Africa Cup of Nations further exemplifies the depth of their bond.

The presence of Morocco’s ambassador at the mosque’s dedication ceremony underscores the enduring nature of the bilateral relationship, which has flourished over the past six decades. Morocco’s significant investments across Francophone West Africa highlight its commitment to regional development, with Ivory Coast standing out as a beacon of stability amid political upheaval in neighboring countries.

The inauguration of Ivory Coast’s largest mosque not only symbolizes religious unity but also serves as a testament to the enduring friendship and cooperation between Morocco and Ivory Coast, setting the stage for continued collaboration and mutual prosperity in the years to come.

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