NSE Advocates Customer Protection Amidst Electricity Price Hike; Highlights Achievements and Strategic Partnerships

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has underscored the imperative for customer protection measures and a robust framework to hold Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) accountable amidst the recent hike in electricity prices for Band A consumers. This stance was articulated by Mrs. Margaret Oguntala, the President of the NSE, during a media briefing where she highlighted her accomplishments within her first hundred days in office.

Mrs. Oguntala emphasized the necessity for effective policies that safeguard the interests of consumers, particularly in ensuring that DisCos adhere to service level agreements. She stressed the importance of imposing sanctions on defaulting DisCos to address shortcomings in service delivery, advocating for clear agreements between consumers and DisCos to hold the latter accountable for any service deficiencies.

Furthermore, the NSE identified poor town planning as a contributing factor affecting consumers in the Band A category under the new pricing regime, citing inadequate demarcation between residential, commercial, and industrial areas in Nigeria.

Reflecting on her first hundred days in office, Mrs. Oguntala outlined the strategic partnerships forged by the NSE to advance its agenda. These partnerships span various sectors, including collaboration with governmental bodies such as the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs to promote Vocational Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (V-STEM) education, particularly among female children. The NSE also entered into partnerships with organizations like the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) for specialized training on skills for young engineers and the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) to advance renewable energy solutions.

Additionally, the NSE has collaborated with international entities such as the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) to plan and execute the 2024 World Engineering Day, themed “Engineering for a Sustainable World.” The initiative underscores engineers’ pivotal role in addressing global challenges like climate change and inequality.

Furthermore, the NSE is partnering with organizations like Total Energies Limited, Lafarge, and the Women in Infrastructure Community Africa to advance its initiatives.

Mrs. Oguntala highlighted the establishment of International Mobility Committees in the NSE’s five international branches to support Nigerian engineers abroad. Moreover, the NSE is providing professional support to the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development in revitalizing the Ajaokuta Steel Company in Kogi State.

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