Tragic Shipwreck Claims Lives of Over 38 Migrants, Including Children, off Djibouti Coast: UN Agency Reports

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed a devastating loss of over 38 lives, including children, in a shipwreck off the Djibouti coast. According to the agency, at least six individuals remain missing and are presumed dead, while 22 survivors are currently receiving assistance from the IOM and local authorities.

Yvonne Ndege, the regional spokesperson for the IOM, disclosed that the shipwreck occurred approximately 200 meters off Djibouti, involving a boat carrying migrants that departed from Yemen around 2 a.m. local time on April 8. Tragically, the vessel sank about two hours later, with an estimated 66 people on board, primarily hailing from the Horn of Africa region. Most of the migrants were believed to be Ethiopian nationals.

Ndege emphasized the perilous journey undertaken by migrants from the Horn of Africa, particularly Ethiopia and Somalia, as they seek to reach the Gulf nations annually. However, she noted that many migrants become stranded in Yemen, prompting some to attempt a return journey to Djibouti to regroup or seek alternative routes.

The incident underscores the grave risks faced by migrants undertaking perilous journeys in search of better opportunities, often falling prey to hazardous conditions at sea and exploitation by human traffickers. As authorities work to address the aftermath of this tragic event, the need for enhanced efforts to prevent such disasters and protect vulnerable migrants remains paramount.

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