Investigation Launched as Liberia Probes Leak of Former President Weah’s Asset Declaration

The House of Representatives in Liberia has initiated an investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of former President George Weah’s asset declaration documents to the public.

In accordance with Liberian law, all high-ranking government officials, including presidents, are obligated to submit declarations of their wealth to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) upon assuming office. This requirement aims to uphold transparency, prevent conflicts of interest, and deter illicit accumulation of wealth. However, the law does not mandate these declarations to be made public.

The revelation that Weah’s asset declaration documents were made available to the public without his consent has sparked outcry. Frank Saah Foko, a local legislator, denounced the unauthorized disclosure, labeling it as illegal. He highlighted that the former president’s assets are now widely accessible across various platforms, raising concerns over privacy breaches.

While the source of the leak remains unclear, legislators have summoned senior LACC officials to account for the breach. These officials are expected to appear before lawmakers to provide explanations on Tuesday.

This development comes in the wake of President Joseph Boakai’s recent declaration of his assets in February. Boakai, who emerged victorious in the November presidential run-off election, pledged to combat corruption vigorously in the country.

Weah’s presidency was marred by accusations of corruption, and his administration faced criticism for the perceived extravagance of senior officials. Following Boakai’s inauguration in January, he urged former officials to return government assets promptly and without hesitation, signaling a commitment to accountability and good governance.

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