Annual Jewish Pilgrimage in Tunisia Cancelled Amid Gaza Conflict

Perez Trabelsi, head of the organizing committee for the annual Jewish pilgrimage to Tunisia’s Djerba synagogue, announced the cancellation of the event due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Trabelsi noted that the decision was made in light of the war’s tragic toll on human lives and the tense atmosphere prevailing in the Middle East.

The organizing committee has decided to scale down the pilgrimage to limited rituals conducted within the temple, anticipating a minimal turnout, particularly from France, given the heightened tensions in the region. Trabelsi expressed the somber sentiment of questioning the appropriateness of celebration amidst ongoing loss of life.

Djerba, situated in the southern part of Tunisia and renowned as a holiday destination, hosts Africa’s oldest synagogue and traditionally welcomes thousands of Jewish pilgrims annually from Israel and various European countries.

Despite Tunisia’s predominantly Muslim population, the country is home to one of North Africa’s largest Jewish communities. Although the Jewish population in Tunisia has dwindled to fewer than 1,800 individuals, their presence dates back to ancient Roman times.

Scheduled to occur at the end of May, this year’s Jewish pilgrimage, an event steeped in tradition and cultural significance, has been cancelled as a reflection of the prevailing regional tensions and humanitarian concerns stemming from the conflict in Gaza.

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