Kenyan Schools Reopen Amid Flooding Challenges: Safety Measures Deployed

Schools in Kenya are finally reopening after a delay caused by severe flooding, with authorities deploying police and transport officials to ensure the safety of students on their way to class.

Despite the reopening, over 1,600 schools across the country remain closed due to the ongoing floods, posing significant challenges to the education system.

Concerns over the safety of learners have been voiced by Muslim leaders, who are urging for close monitoring of the situation. They are also calling on drivers to exercise vigilance, especially on roads that have been severely affected by the flooding.

The devastating floods, which have claimed the lives of over 250 people across Kenya, have also caused extensive damage to several schools.

Originally scheduled to open on April 29, the start of term was postponed due to the flooding, highlighting the significant impact of the natural disaster on the education calendar.

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