Devastating Floods and Landslides Claim 28 Lives in Indonesia’s West Sumatra Province

Torrential rain wreaked havoc in Indonesia’s West Sumatra province, triggering floods and landslides that have claimed the lives of at least 28 individuals, with four others still reported as missing, according to authorities.

Abdul Malik, chief of the provincial rescue team, confirmed the grim toll, stating, “There are 28 people killed, and we are still searching for four others who are missing.”

The national disaster management agency BNPB reported that the flooding, which began on Saturday night, inundated the Tanah Datar regency, impacting five sub-districts.

BNPB’s latest assessment revealed that 84 housing units and 16 bridges have been affected by the disaster. To expedite the clearance of road access, heavy equipment has been mobilized to the affected areas.

The catastrophic floods and landslides have left communities in West Sumatra province reeling, highlighting the urgent need for coordinated relief efforts and support to mitigate further loss of life and property damage.

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