Nigerian House of Representatives Exempts Military Personnel from Toll and Parking Fees

The Nigerian House of Representatives has passed a resolution to exempt military personnel from paying toll fees at toll gates and parking lots across the country. This directive also extends to exempting Armed Forces members from toll and parking fees at all Nigerian airports, as directed by the Minister of Aviation.

The decision followed a motion presented by Abdussammad Dasuki, emphasizing the urgent need to waive these fees for military personnel. The House underscored the invaluable service provided by the men and women of the Armed Forces, stating that exempting them from such payments is a fitting way to honor their dedication and sacrifices.

“Recognizing the service of our military personnel and encouraging citizens to appreciate their contributions is essential. By extending privileges like toll and parking fee exemptions, we show our gratitude and acknowledge the immeasurable sacrifices they make,” the House declared.

This move responds to the recent announcement by the Minister of Aviation, highlighting the need for all citizens, including VIPs, to pay airport access fees as a critical revenue source. The exemption for the Armed Forces reflects the House’s commitment to honoring their service while balancing the need for revenue generation.

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