Supporters Rally for Polish Prime Minister Tusk Ahead of Crucial European Elections

In Warsaw, thousands of supporters gathered on Tuesday in a show of solidarity for Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, ahead of the upcoming European elections. Tusk, emphasizing the significance of the June 9 vote, framed it as crucial for Poland’s security amidst escalating tensions on its eastern border.

Against the backdrop of conflict in Ukraine and a migrant crisis along the Belarus border, Tusk positioned the election as a choice between a secure future within the European Union (EU) or increased peril if the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party, known for its clashes with Brussels, emerges victorious.

Addressing the crowd in Warsaw’s Castle Square on the 35th anniversary of Poland’s first postwar democratic election, Tusk stressed the importance of unity and strength for both Poland and Europe to avoid the specter of war on their lands.

Tusk’s Civic Coalition (KO) grouping, part of the pro-European alliance that assumed power in December, aims to secure a decisive victory in the EU elections. Such an outcome would bolster Tusk’s ambition of establishing the coalition as the dominant force in Polish politics.

However, the PiS party, while facing criticism for its tough stance on migrants, accuses Tusk of being subservient to Germany and engaging in hypocrisy for his past opposition to PiS policies on border control.

As European Union citizens prepare to vote between June 6-9 for the 720 members of the next European Parliament, polls indicate that pro-EU groups may face a reduced majority compared to their current standing, signaling a potentially contentious electoral landscape.

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