Seme Border Customs Reports 100% Increase in Trade Volume in Early 2024

The Nigeria Customs Service at the Seme border has recorded a remarkable 100% increase in trade volume in the first five months of 2024. This significant rise is attributed to enhanced trade facilitation measures in both the export and import of goods within the region.

Seme Border Customs Comptroller Timi Bomodi highlighted that the customs command experienced a substantial 272% increase in imports over the same period compared to 2023. Bomodi emphasized that the Lagos-Abidjan corridor, a key trade route within Africa, has been pivotal to this growth.

Bomodi stated, “The customs command at Seme border has seen a considerable boost in trade activities due to improved facilitation processes, making the Lagos-Abidjan corridor a highly viable and strategic trade route for Nigeria’s economy.” He also mentioned that the European Union has expressed readiness to invest in infrastructure development along this corridor.

To further bolster trade, Bomodi called for the development of telecommunication infrastructure and rail lines along the Lagos-Abidjan route to enhance legitimate trade. “Goods from Nigeria are destined for various West African markets, and similarly, goods from other West African countries are imported into Nigeria. This creates a symbiotic trade relationship that underscores the importance of efficient trade facilitation,” he added.

Bomodi explained the importance of streamlined processes at the border, stating, “We are committed to ensuring that our procedures are well-defined, simplified, automated, and accessible to the trading public, thereby minimizing unnecessary delays and fostering trade growth.”

The customs command at Seme border has not only seen significant growth in exports, but also a noteworthy increase in imports, contributing to higher revenue generation. Bomodi attributed this success to the command’s efforts in enhancing trade facilitation and its collaboration with counterparts in Benin Republic to harmonize customs procedures.

The goal of harmonized procedures is to establish border areas as one-stop shops for the examination and release of cargo, regardless of their final destination. Bomodi advised exporters and importers to adhere to proper procedures and customs requirements to avoid the forfeiture of goods.

In summary, the Seme Border Customs command has become a more attractive and efficient point for trade due to improved facilitation processes and strategic international collaborations. This progress is expected to continue driving economic growth in the region.

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