VP Kashim Shettima Reaffirms Tinubu Administration’s Commitment to Empowering Nigerian Youths

Abuja, Nigeria – June 10, 2024: Vice President Kashim Shettima has reiterated President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s dedication to empowering Nigerian youths and facilitating their contributions to national growth and development.

During a courtesy visit from the National Executive Council of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) led by President Sukubo Sara-Igbe at the Presidential Villa, VP Shettima expressed gratitude for the Council’s support of the administration’s initiatives.

“We cannot thank you enough for keeping hope alive for the Nigerian youth. We identify with you; we empathize with you because the future of this nation belongs to you,” Shettima said. He also commended the NYCN’s enduring vitality, saying, “For an organization to remain vibrant and still stand on its feet after 60 years deserves commendation. I want to thank you for believing in the Nigeria Project. Many of your peers have left the country, but you chose to stay, and together, we will salvage the ship of this state.”

Shettima highlighted the administration’s efforts to support young Nigerians, including the creation of a dedicated ministry for youth, led by two young appointees, and the inclusion of numerous young individuals in key positions within his office. He assured the NYCN that the administration is aligned with their aspirations, adding, “We hold you in the highest esteem. We have a series of opportunities lined up for you, such as the iDICE project that will create digital jobs, including those in the creative industry. Let’s hope for the best and believe in Nigeria because this is our country.”

In his remarks, NYCN President Sukubo Sara-Igbe affirmed the Council’s commitment to working with the government to address illegal oil bunkering, a significant issue affecting the nation. “We are ready to partner with the government to address this illegality. It’s a collective effort,” Sukubo stated.

Sara-Igbe also announced that the NYCN, established on August 28, 1964, in Lagos, is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary. He invited Vice President Shettima to officially launch the anniversary events, which will attract participants from across Nigeria.

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