Tinubu Reaffirms Commitment to Economic Reforms and Democracy on 25th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Democracy Day

Abuja, Nigeria – June 12, 2024: President Bola Ahmed Tinubu assured Nigerians that the economic reforms introduced by his administration are designed to strengthen the nation’s economy and expand access to economic opportunities, ensuring fair pay for all citizens. Speaking in a live broadcast to mark the 25th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Democracy Day, Tinubu acknowledged the longstanding economic challenges and emphasized the critical need for reforms, especially given the country’s over-reliance on oil revenues.

“Our economy has been in desperate need of reform for decades, primarily because of our over-reliance on oil revenues,” Tinubu said. “The reforms we have initiated are intended to lay a stronger foundation for future growth, ensuring equitable economic opportunities and fair remuneration for all.”

The President highlighted his administration’s dedication to preserving and enhancing Nigeria’s democratic system, asserting that democracy, despite its complexities, is the most effective form of governance. Tinubu emphasized the importance of vigilance against those who might exploit current challenges to undermine democracy.

“Democracy may be complicated, but it is the best form of governance in the long run. We must remain vigilant against those who seek to use our difficulties to undermine, or even destroy, our democratic system,” Tinubu cautioned.

Reflecting on the significance of Democracy Day, President Tinubu described it as a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s democratic history and called on Nigerians to rededicate themselves to upholding democratic values and achieving economic democracy. He urged citizens to support the government’s efforts to move the nation forward and to remain committed to the principles of democracy.

“Democracy is a living, breathing reality in Nigeria. As we celebrate our political democracy, let us also commit to achieving economic democracy. Let us board this progressive train together and move Nigeria forward,” Tinubu concluded.

The President acknowledged that while significant work remains, the path to a brighter future is within reach and called for collective efforts to continue advancing the country’s democratic and economic goals.

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