Troops Neutralize Notorious Terrorist During Eid al-Adha Security Patrol in Kaduna

Kaduna, Nigeria – June 17, 2024: In a decisive move to ensure a peaceful and secure environment for residents during the Eid al-Adha celebrations, troops conducting special patrols in Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna State have successfully eliminated a terrorist identified as Daushe, a known associate of the notorious terrorist commander Buharin Yadi.

The Nigerian Army reported that the terrorist was neutralized during a proactive security operation aimed at safeguarding the lives and properties of citizens in the region. Daushe was encountered by vigilant troops on patrol in Kidandan, a village within the Giwa LGA. He was attempting to flee on a motorbike when he was spotted by the approaching patrol unit.

The troops, demonstrating quick reflexes and persistence, gave chase as Daushe abandoned his motorbike and attempted to hide in a nearby settlement. The troops continued their pursuit and eventually caught up with him on the outskirts of the community, where he was neutralized while trying to escape into the bush.

Location: The incident occurred in Kidandan, Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Target: The terrorist, identified as Daushe, was a known associate of Buharin Yadi, a notorious commander who had previously been neutralized by the troops in the same area.

Items Recovered: The troops recovered the abandoned motorbike, two bags of corn flour, and a mobile phone from the neutralized terrorist.

Verification: Intelligence operatives confirmed the identity of the deceased terrorist, solidifying his connection to Buharin Yadi.

The successful operation underscores the Nigerian Army’s commitment to maintaining security and preventing terrorist activities, particularly during significant cultural and religious festivities such as Eid al-Adha. The presence of security forces in the area has been bolstered to ensure a safe and trouble-free celebration for the residents of Giwa LGA.

This swift and coordinated effort by the security forces has averted a potential threat to the community, providing a sense of relief and security to the residents during the ongoing celebrations. The Nigerian Army has reiterated its resolve to maintain a strong presence in the area, ensuring that the people of Giwa can observe their festivities without fear.

The Nigerian Army highlighted that the elimination of Daushe is part of an ongoing effort to root out terrorist elements and protect the region from insurgent activities. The troops’ proactive measures are essential in maintaining law and order, and the army remains vigilant in its mission to safeguard the community.

The operation in Giwa LGA reflects the broader strategy of the Nigerian military to disrupt terrorist networks and ensure the safety of all citizens, particularly during periods of heightened vulnerability such as festive seasons.

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