NANS Urges Federal Government to Curb Soaring Food Prices, Cites Economic Sabotage

Abeokuta, Nigeria – June 17, 2024: The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has made an urgent appeal to the federal government to address the escalating prices of foodstuffs, calling for immediate measures to halt the arbitrary price hikes that are making it increasingly difficult for Nigerians to afford basic commodities.

In a statement issued by Comrade Yekinni Adewale, the National Clerk of the Senate, NANS, the student body emphasized the need for the government to activate the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. The statement, released in Abeokuta, Ogun State, called for stringent actions against traders who inflate prices without justification, to deter further economic sabotage.

Adewale highlighted the alarming rate at which food prices have surged, particularly noting that a bag of rice now costs over ₦80,000, and a bag of beans exceeds ₦200,000. He expressed concern that these increases have persisted without any valid reasons provided by the traders, even before the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations and continuing to date.

“It is essential for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take immediate action against those marketers who are sabotaging the economic policies of his administration,” Adewale stated. He warned that if unchecked, the trend could force many Nigerians to resort to desperate measures to feed their families.

Adewale stressed the necessity for federal, state, and local government bodies to form a Special Task Force that would regularly monitor market prices and enforce the appropriate sections of the Consumer Protection Act. He noted that many traders are exploiting the general belief that “things are expensive now” to unjustifiably hike prices.

“NANS urges the three tiers of government to understand that this economic sabotage will not cease until stringent price control measures are enforced, with severe penalties to deter others. Many unpatriotic Nigerians are blaming the Tinubu administration for these issues, but the real culprits are the traders who are artificially inflating prices,” Adewale explained.

He further criticized the tendency to attribute the high costs to external factors such as the US dollar and petroleum prices, questioning, “Is the US Dollar also responsible for the price of ‘garrí’ in the market?” He called on the government to protect the citizens’ right to affordable food and urged state governors to implement measures to alleviate the economic strain on the masses.

“We are not asking for much; we only need to feed ourselves and our families,” Adewale concluded, reinforcing the need for immediate and effective government intervention to stabilize food prices and safeguard the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

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