Chief Femi Esho, Renowned Music Practitioner, Passes Away at 77

Lagos, Nigeria – June 18, 2024: The music world mourns the loss of Chief Femi Esho, a distinguished figure in Nigerian music, who passed away at the age of 77. The revered musician and cultural icon, affectionately known as Baba Esho, died on Monday following a brief illness, as confirmed by his family in a statement released in Lagos on Tuesday.

The statement read: “We announce the passing unto glory of our patriarch, Samuel Babafemi Esho, popularly known and referred to as Baba Esho, Baba Musician, etc. Baba Esho departed to greater glory on Monday, June 17, 2024, after a brief illness at the age of 77. Baba Esho until his demise was the chairman of the Evergreen Musical Company as well as the founder of the Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation.”

Chief Femi Esho was a towering figure in the Nigerian music industry, known for his deep commitment to the preservation and promotion of indigenous music. He served as the chairman of the Evergreen Musical Company, an organization dedicated to the promotion and archiving of Nigerian songs. Additionally, he founded the Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation, a testament to his lifelong dedication to music heritage.

Baba Esho’s contributions to the world of music extended beyond his organizational roles. He was a mentor and a walking “encyclopedia” to many enthusiasts of Highlife music, and his influence spanned several genres including Juju, Sakara, Apala, Afrobeat, and other indigenous Nigerian/African music styles. His work ensured the ‘immortality’ of these musical forms, preserving them for future generations.

Femi Esho’s legacy will live on in the hearts of those who knew him and through the enduring impact of his work. His passing is a significant loss to the cultural and musical heritage of Nigeria.

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