National Hajj Commission Assures Nigerian Pilgrims of 45-Day Limit in Saudi Arabia

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has assured Nigerian pilgrims currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that their stay in the Holy Land will not exceed 45 days. Jalal Ahmed Arabi, Chairman of the Commission, personally conducted an inspection tour of Nigerian tents in Mina, Saudi Arabia, to oversee conditions and address any challenges.

During his visit to the Bauchi State contingents, Arabi acknowledged the difficulties encountered during the Hajj exercise, attributing many challenges to factors beyond the Commission’s control. Despite these challenges, he praised the pilgrims for their patience and cooperation, which he emphasized were crucial to the success of the pilgrimage.

Arabi highlighted the pilgrims’ commitment and noted that their humble and tolerant demeanor had facilitated smoother operations. He encouraged them to continue praying for the peace and stability of Nigeria, particularly in support of the current administration’s policies and programs.

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