Kenya Introduces Free Electronic Travel Authorisations for Ghanaian Travellers

Nairobi, Kenya (June 21, 2024) – The Kenyan government has begun issuing Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETA) free of charge to Ghanaian travellers. This initiative is part of the visa-free regime agreement between Kenya and Ghana, aimed at fostering easier and more convenient travel between the two countries.

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Ghanaian citizens planning to visit Kenya must now submit their ETA applications through the official Kenyan immigration website prior to their departure. This new requirement is in place to facilitate a seamless travel experience and ensure compliance with entry regulations.

Travellers are urged to adhere to this process to avoid any disruptions in their travel plans. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration emphasizes the importance of this step to ensure a smooth journey for all Ghanaian visitors to Kenya.

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