Nigerian Singer Odumodublvck Commends Ayra Starr and Tems for Overcoming Industry Challenges

In a recent podcast interview with Madam Joyce, Nigerian singer Odumodublvck has lauded fellow artists Ayra Starr and Tems for their resilience and achievements in the music industry despite formidable challenges. Reflecting on a shared flight with Tems to London, Odumodublvck reminisced about their encounter and expressed admiration for both artists’ successes.

“I told Tems, ‘Big ups, you did it! What you and Ayra Starr have done is bigger than anything Wizkid has done or what Burna Boy has done. Quote me anywhere,'” Odumodublvck recounted during the interview.

He highlighted a pervasive issue within the music industry, emphasizing the exploitation female artists often face from producers and promoters. “As a female artist, out of every 10 show promoters, five want to have sex with you. Out of 10 producers, five want to engage with you sexually,” Odumodublvck stated, underscoring the challenges women endure.

Expressing empathy for female artists navigating such pressures, Odumodublvck remarked, “I can’t imagine being a babe and being in that situation, do you understand? So imagine after dodging all those things, you still made good music.”

He further acknowledged the formidable landscape for artists in general, describing it as highly competitive with no guaranteed financial stability. “The number one hardest job in this world is being a woman, that’s the hardest job ever. Then the second one is being an artist,” he observed.

Concluding with applause for female singers who have persevered and succeeded amidst such adversity, Odumodublvck’s comments have resonated widely, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of female musicians in Nigeria’s dynamic music scene.

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