Nigerian Army Denounces Misleading Video, Reaffirms Commitment to National Unity

The Nigerian Army has firmly dismissed an audio-visual recording circulating online that falsely alleges its recruitment of Islamic fundamentalists and jihadists. According to Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, Director of Army Public Relations, the video misleadingly depicts an officer urging young Muslim men to join the military to protect and propagate Islam.

The Army clarified that the claims made in the recording are unfounded and do not align with its core values or operational standards. It highlighted that the video’s primary intent appears to be creating anxiety, fostering discord within the ranks, and undermining public confidence in the Army’s integrity, especially among Christian and non-Muslim communities in Nigeria.

Emphasizing its commitment to professionalism and impartiality, the Army stated that its actions are strictly guided by the Constitution of Nigeria, and are free from any ethnic or religious biases. The Army urged the public to disregard the misleading narrative, attributing the content to a misinterpretation of the Army’s Standing Operating Procedures (SOP).

The Army also reiterated that any deviation from its established procedures results in disciplinary actions, regardless of the individual’s religious affiliation. It called on citizens to rise above such divisive tactics, underscoring that Nigeria’s strength lies in its diversity.

The Army reaffirmed its dedication to serving all Nigerians, irrespective of their religious or ethnic backgrounds, with a commitment to maintaining national peace and unity. It urged all citizens to unite against attempts to sow division, emphasizing that the nation’s unity and diversity are unique strengths that the Army is determined to protect in fulfilling its constitutional duties.

“Together, let us work to uphold the peace and unity of our great nation,” the Army declared, assuring that it remains steadfast in its commitment to serve and protect all Nigerians.

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