ASAN Demands More Funding For Livestock and Poultry Research

The Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN) and the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) have called for increased funding for research and development in the poultry and livestock sectors to address the issues of feed shortages, low breed potential, and management deficiencies.

Following the recent 11th ASAN-NIAS joint annual meeting and 27th ASAN annual conference held at Zaranda International Hotel, Bauchi State, the call was made in a communique jointly signed by members of the communique drafting committee, Professor Ibisime Etela (Chairman), Professor Olusegun Ojebiyi (Secretary), and Alhaji Ismaila Jibrin Bojude (Member).

Meanwhile, promoting organic livestock production to slow or stop the rapid deterioration of pasture land and arable land for food crop production is one of the communique’s important policy proposals.

The two bodies also noted that increased adoption of agroforestry should be encouraged to sustain feed supplies and enhance afforestation, especially in the dryer parts of the country that are threatened by desertification.

ASAN and NIAS also posited that there should be increased regional specialization across agroecological zones in Nigeria to help develop the livestock value chain as a way to reduce frequent movements of livestock and incessant resource-based conflicts.


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