Chad military gov’t, opposition sign peace deal in Qatar

Chad’s military government has signed a peace deal in Qatar with more than 40 opposition groups agreeing to hold reconciliation talks, Reuters reports.

Peace talks aimed at paving the way for a presidential election will start on 20 August.

The Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT), the main rebel group, said it would not sign the deal despite last-minute efforts by Qatar’s mediators to include them, report says.

In a statement released in Doha before the deal was signed, FACT said it “rejects the accord that will be put to signatories on Monday”.

Chad has had little stability since its independence in 1960, and the coming talks are being widely watched as the country is seen as a key ally in international efforts to counter armed groups fighting around the region.

The signing of the pact in Qatar strengthens the Gulf states position as a hub for peace talks.


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