Floods: Over 520 houses, farmlands destroyed in one week -Adamawa SEMA

The Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency, says floodwaters occasioned by downpours, experienced from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, displaced no fewer than 2000 people, and destruction to over 227 houses and 300 farmlands.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency had predicted heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, across some states, beginning, from Sunday.

The Executive Secretary of the agency, Dr. Mohamed Sulaiman, speaking, on the impact of the rainfall, on Wednesday, told reporters that over 227 houses and 300 farmlands were submerged and consequently destroyed by the floodwaters from the downpour experienced over the last week.

He said, “Within the last one week, the agency has recorded two heavy floods where about 227 houses, 300 farmlands, and over 2,000 people were affected in the state in Duhu District; in Madagali Local Government Area, 850 persons were displaced from their homes.

“The people were displaced by heavy rains which submerged and destroyed over 161 houses and farmlands.”

According, to him, the downpours which occurred on Tuesday, was responsible for much of the destruction of people’s homes and farmlands.

He also recalled that downpour which occurred between Wednesday (August 11 ) and Thursday (August 12), more than 150 farmlands and about 66 houses were also destroyed by flood in Lababiri village, Shelleng Local Government Area.

He assured that succor would soon come to those affected because the agency had approached the national emergency management agency for assistance to be rendered to victims.


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